Best Oil Change Sticker Printers

Trying to remember when exactly was the last time you changed your car’s oil has proven to be an impossible task times and times again. Hence, we either end up delaying it and degrading our engine or expediting the process, costing ourselves more money than necessary.

So, in order to avoid that all together, we thought that you might want to invest in a reliable oil change sticker printer.

Comparison Chart


Indy Print 2
15" x 11" x 11"

DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo
10.9" x 5.9" x 6"

DYMO LabelWriter 450
7.2" x 4.9" x 5.8"

Brother QL-820NWB
9.2" x 5" x 5.7"

Brother QL-700
10.3" x 7.2" x 9.4"

Oil Change Sticker Printers Reviews

1. Indy Print 2

Indy Print 2 Oil Change Reminder Printer

Similar to a traditional printer, the Indy print 2 service reminder printer at hand is rather straight-forward.

Truly, this compact machine exhibits a classic, minimalistic design with round edges in an uninterrupted plastic shell. Undeniably, this printer looks a little cheap but its price tag would argue otherwise.

Performance wise, the Indy Print 2 is a reliable replacement for good old handwriting since it is extremely robust and equally practical. In fact, the printer at hand is capable of producing stickers much faster than most competition without fringing on quality.

Speaking of which, this printer’s ink is impressively dense and capable of enduring years of labor without ever fading.

Additionally, this service reminder printer comes with 1000 stickers, an ink ribbon, a keyboard and a cover, free tech-support and a stunning 2 year printer warranty.

Also, it is worth mentioning that this printer is not limited to oil change stickers since it can also be applied to tire, brake and battery handwritten stickers and so on.

Connectivity wise, this printer doesn’t require a source as it can do everything independently with its little keyboard and LCD screen.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Has a LCD screen
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Comes in a complete package (1000 stickers, ink ribbon, keyboard, cover)
  • Fully customizable


  • Expensive

2. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo

DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 is probably the most popular sticker printer on the market at the moment and here’s why.

First, the printer at hand is far more compact than its competition, resting within a small shell of a body, which looks significantly more palatable compared to the previous printer.

In fact, this is probably one of the most compact label printers that can go on a desk without disturbing the view.

In terms of performance, the ‘turbo label printer’ at hand is capable of producing up to 71 four-line addresses or  sticker within a minute and that’s impeccable.

Also, this little machine is probably the best at minimizing waste by sticking to precise quantities of ink without complicating fonts and so on.

Additionally, with its impeccable direct thermal printing tech, you wouldn’t have to ever buy ink or toner again.

In case you don’t like the standard font, the Dymo is impressively customizable as it prints directly from text in Microsoft documents and google contacts.

Finally, to make things even easier, this printer can connect directly to your pc or Mac via USB port.


  • Compact and easy to move around
  • It can print up to 71 four-line stickers
  • It’s compatible with both Pc (Windows) and Mac (MacOs)
  • It’s reasonably priced
  • It sports Direct Thermal printing technology(which eliminates the cost of ink and toner)


  • Prints Black & White Only

3. DYMO LabelWriter 450

No, we did not mistakenly review the same product twice because this is the regular version of the DYMO LabeWriter 450.

Undeniably, the two machines look pretty much the same and feature almost the same functionality aspects with one major exception.

First for all, the Turbo model is a little bigger than this one. Second of all and most importantly, this printer is limited to 51 prints per minute, compared to 71 ppm and naturally costs significantly less than the Turbo option listed above.


  • Inkless printing thanks to thermal printing technology
  • Compatible with Windows 7 or later and Mac OS X v10.8 or later
  • Budget-friendly


  • It’s limited to 51 prints per minute
  • Prints Black & White Only

4. Brother QL-700

Brother QL-700

Brother is one of the bigger names on this list since it isn’t limited to oil change sticker machines but excels in producing all kinds of printers.

Accordingly, the QL-700 has quite some weight on its shoulders to represent a significant name and we think it looks the part.

Truly, this tiny machine is designed with extreme accuracy, resulting in a geometric shell, a simple set of navigation buttons and a smooth color duality.

Similar to the previous printer, this Brother is definitely not limited to a specific type of stickers as it is capable of producing labels for packages, envelops, discs, folders and more, depending on your business requirements.

Most importantly, this, much cheaper printer, is capable of producing an astounding 93 labels per minute and that’s record high.

Additionally, one of the better qualities of this printer is the fact that it can print pre-sized, round corner stickers, which should make them significantly easy to peel.

Also, this little machine requires practical drop-in rolls, eliminating the need for ink or toner.

Furthermore, with its auto-cut feature, you won’t have to do anything other than pulling your label out and sticking it to the product.

Finally, to simplify your process, this printer can connect directly to a computer via an included USB cable.


  • Ultra-fast, printing up to 93 labels per minute
  • Create a wide variety of economical labels.
  • Convenient drop-in rolls. Inkless printing.
  • Prints pre-sized, easy-peel, rounded-corner labels
  • Prints on continuous-length paper and film tapes for banners and signs up to three feet long
  • Auto cutter provides precise cuts for printing one or multiple labels at a time
  • High-resolution (up to 300 x 600 dpi) printing
  • Can be easily integrated with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook


  • No LCD Display
  • Black & White printing only

5. Brother QL-820NWB

Brother QL-820NWB

Similar to the previous reviewed Brother, this too is an impeccable professional printer. However, the QL-820NWB costs significantly more and that comes with a couple upgrades, making it more advanced than its sibling; QL-700.

The machine at hand has basically the same layout as the QL-700, except for the fact that it’s featured with multiple connectivity options and comes with an easy to read monochrome LCD screen which allows for standalone use.

Performance wise, the QL- 820NWB is equally impressive with the ability to print out addresses or labels at a scary-fast rate. In fact, at 110 prints per minute with 300 dpi, this might be the fastest oil label printer at this price range.

Additionally, this little machine is capable of printing in both black and red, which is almost unique in this corner of the market.

Moreover, while rivals are limited to a fixed template, this tiny machine can be connected to a Pc or Mac, allowing you to design and print out customizable/personalized labels from virtually anywhere thanks to its flexible connectivity options.

Speaking of which, this little machine sports Bluetooth, wireless, wireless direct, Ethernet, and USB port.

Finally, this might be common but it’s still worth mentioning that this printer requires no ink or toner due to its nifty direct thermal printing technology.


  • Features rich
  • Ultra-fast print speed! Print up to 110 labels per minute
  • Has multiple connectivity options (Wireless, Ethernet & Bluetooth® wireless technology)
  • Easy-to-read Monochrome LCD screen
  • Prints Black/Red labels using DK 2251
  • Windows&Mac compatible
  • Convenient drop-in rolls. Inkless printing.
  • Prints pre-sized, easy-peel, rounded-corner labels
  • High-resolution (up to 300 x 600 dpi) printing
  • Can be easily integrated with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
  • You can add an optional Li-ion battery for a complete mobile solution


  • It’s a little bit expensive

Final Thoughts

We are fully aware that it isn’t easy to find the best oil change sticker printer in a highly competitive market and amidst hundreds of products. However, we do hope that our little selection helped you find the exact one you need or at least helped you narrow down your options.

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