Best Printers for Art Prints & Artists

Getting hands on a printer for art prints has got to be one of the biggest investments for visual artists. Hence, if you’re reading this article then you’ve reached a significant checkpoint in your career where you realize that your art deserves to see the daylight. However, that excitement often comes with a concern about quality and that’s exactly why we’re here.

Accordingly, to make this article happen, we tasked our research team to scan, evaluate and synthesize the market in order to locate the best printer for artists out there & this is what we got:

Comparison Chart


Canon IP8720
∙ 23.3" x 13.1" x 6.3"
∙ 18.6 lbs
9600 x 2400

Canon Pixma Pro-100
∙ 27.2" x 15.2" x 8.5"
∙ 43.2 lbs
4800 x 2400

Epson SureColor P800
∙ 26.93" x 14.80" x 9.85"
∙ 43 lbs
2880 x 1440

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000
∙ 18.7" x 14.5" x 6.3"
∙ 18.7 lbs
5760 x 1440

Epson SureColor P400
∙ 24.5" x 12.8" x 8.6"
∙ 27.1 lbs
5760 x 1440

Epson SureColor P600
∙ 24.2" x 14.5" x 9"
∙ 33 lbs
5760 x 1440 dpi

Best Printers for Art Prints Reviews

1. Canon IP8720

Canon IP8720 Printer

Specifications of Canon IP8720
Dimensions(W.D.H) 23.3″ x 13.1″ x 6.3″
Max. Print Resolution Color: Up to 9600 x 2400 dpi
Black: Up to   600 x 600 dpi
Max. Paper Size 13″x19″
Print Speed (Black/Color) 14.5 ipm / 10.4 ipm
Connectivity options Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
Hi-Speed USB
PictBridge(Wireless LAN)
Weight 18.6 lbs.

If you haven’t heard already, Canon is pretty much the king of fine art printers and that’s already a great place to start.

Accordingly, the iP8720 is one of the brand’s best-sellers and we can see why. In fact, this Canon is one of the most attractive printers on the market, featuring a minimalistic black profile, smooth edges and a compact body.

Print quality is a major check box for artists, which is why Canon decided to go with a 6 color ink system in order to produce richer shades and help your illustrations stand out.

Additionally, detail preservation is essential for professional prints and that’s something the iP8720 nails with its impressive 9600 x 2400 resolution.

Furthermore, the printer at hand can handle a variety of sizes for all of your DIY projects. It can print stunning borderless photos up to 13″x19″, which should make your art more impactful and immersive. On the downside, the Canon iP8720 will take significantly longer to print out larger images.

In terms of features, the printer at hand obviously prioritizes a reductionist approach where it only highlights what is absolutely necessary.

That being said, this Canon supports an efficient auto power on setting, Full HD movie prints, CD & DVD printing and quiet mode. Additionally, for creative work, you can always discover its many special filters.

In terms of paper capacity, this printer can hold up to 150 standard sheets at once, which is great for high demand projects.

Connectivity is not an issue for this wireless printer since it’s compatible with every mobile device out there. Also, if you prefer a direct link then you can always rely on its stable USB connection.


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  • C

2. Canon Pixma Pro-100

Canon Pixma Pro-100 Printer

Specifications of Canon Pixma Pro-100
Dimensions(W.D.H) 27.2″ x 15.2″ x 8.5″
Max. Print Resolution Color: Up to 4800 x 2400 dpi
Black: Up to 4800 x 2400 dpi
Max. Paper Size 13″x19″
Connectivity options Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
Hi-Speed USB
Weight 43.2 lbs.

The Pixma Pro-100 is one of the best printers for art prints out there and that is attributed to a number of elements, starting at design.

Truly, the printer at hand showcases a smooth uninterrupted frame within an appealing black & space gray coat. However, it is important to note that the Pro-100 is a bit of a giant, standing at 27.2″ (W) x 15.2″ (D) x 8.5″ (H).

In that respect, the size of the printer is one of its biggest drive forces, allowing it to harbor one of the most powerful engines Canon has ever created.

In fact, this printer is developed to produce top notch quality products with the help of an impressively rich 8 dye based ink system. In that respect, the Canon Pixma Pro-100 is one of the few printers that comes with an ‘Optimum Image Generating System’ that cleverly selects the appropriate inks for the best life-like color reproduction.

In addition to that, this beast of a machine supports an astonishing 4800 x 2400 dot per inch resolution for superior detail preservation.

In terms of functionality, the Canon at hand is incredibly straight-forward. In fact, Canon limits this machine to highly essential features, such as CD/DVD printing, print studio pro, a 150 sheets capacity output tray and a couple buttons on the front end.

Additionally, the Pixma Pro-100 can print on up to 13 x 19 inches canvas but it will take much longer to process larger sheets.

Finally, no Canon printer suffered a disadvantage in terms of connectivity and this beast won’t be the first. Accordingly, the Pixma Pro-100 supports Ethernet, full wireless connectivity via Wi Fi Direct, Airprint and other services as well as a direct USB link.


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  • C

3. Epson SureColor P800

Epson SureColor P800 inkjet Printer

Specifications of Epson SureColor P800
Dimensions(W.D.H) 26.93″ x 14.80″ x 9.85″
Max. Print Resolution 2880 x 1440 dpi
Max. Paper Size 17″ x 22″
Connectivity options Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (1 port)
100Base-T Ethernet (1 port)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ (802.11n only
Wi-Fi Direct
Epson iPrint™ Mobile App, Apple® Airprint™, Google Cloud Print™
Weight 43 lbs.

Epson might be less popular amongst creatives but that doesn’t mean that the SureColor P800 isn’t a good printer for art printing.

Actually, the model at hand is one of Epson’s most remarkable inventions and you can already tell just by looking at it. Hence, the P800 exhibits a serious design with an aggressive front and a nice black coat.

Also, it must be noted that the minimal profile of this machine is quite attractive and would go well within any setting.

The processing power of this printer is simply phenomenal since it relies on Epson’s UltraChrome HD inks with their vivid shades, superior dark density and unmatched longevity.

In terms of density, this 8 ink based printer exhibits a solid 2880 x 1440 dpi resolution, resulting in extremely sharp reproductions.

As far as media size goes, this Epson is actually superior to the previous Canon with its phenomenal 17 x 22 inches maximum print size. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that it takes 113 seconds to print out 8″ x 10” media and it only gets slower with bigger canvas.

As far as features go, the Epson SureColor P800 is definitely aiming at becoming the best printer for artists for a few reasons.

First, this printer surprisingly comes with an optional roll paper support for bulk projects. Also, it was really exciting to see an LCD screen on this printer no matter how small it is, as it’ll facilitate interacting with the machine significantly.

On the downside, the Epson P800 will require manual feeding since it doesn’t support an automatic feeder.

Connectivity wise, the SureColor P800 supports full wireless connectivity via Wi Fi Direct, Airprint, Google cloud and a trusty USB / Ethernet combo.


  • C


  • C

4. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Printer

Specifications of Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000
Dimensions(W.D.H) Printing: 18.7″ x 30.9″ x 16.2″
Storage: 18.7″ x 14.5″ x 6.3″
Max. Print Resolution 5760 x 1440 dpi
Max. Paper Size 13″ x 19″
Print Speed (Black/Color) 9.2 ppm / 9.0 ppm
Connectivity options Hi-Speed USB
USB Host
Wireless 802.11 b/g/n5
Wi-Fi Direct®5
Ethernet 10/100
Weight 18.7 lbs.

Yet another Epson added to our little list except this time, it’s the more controversial HD XP-15000.

Now, the printer at hand might not be as popular as the previously reviewed model but it’s still extremely reliable.

That being said, the XP-15000 features a larger 18.7″(W) x 14.5″(D) x 6.3″(H) inches matt black frame and smooth round angles, allowing it to blend in seamlessly within most settings.

Print quality is a priority for artists and Epson is fully aware of that, which is why they developed this printer to take on 6 individual color Claria photo HD ink for vibrant reproductions.

Since color isn’t everything, the Epson Photo HD XP-15000 sports an astonishing 5760 x 1440 dot per inch resolution within a maximum print size of 13 x 19 inches for highly detailed images.

Lastly, its ability to produce professional UHD borderless images is one extra reason to consider this machine a great option for art prints.

In order to facilitate your interaction with the printer, Epson hooked the XP-15000 with a set of special traits.

For a start, this Epson supports auto 2 sided printing (duplex printing), which should save you a lot of time and paper.

Also, to save you the trouble of refilling sheets every now and again, this printer comes with a 200 sheet capacity front tray.

Lastly, with dash replenishment technology, the XP-15000 will keep track of your ink consumption and order more when you’re running low.

Connectivity wise, the Epson Photo HD XP-15000 supports wireless compatibility with all mobile devices, in addition to Ethernet and direct USB.


  • C


  • C

5. Epson SureColor P400

Epson SureColor P400 Printer

Specifications of Epson SureColor P400
Dimensions(W.D.H) Printing: 24.5″ x 31.4″ x 16.5″
Storage: 24.5″ x 12.8″ x 8.6″
Max. Print Resolution 5760 x 1440 dpi
Max. Paper Size 13″ x 19″
Connectivity options USB 2.0 (1 port)
100Base-T Ethernet (1 port)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ (802.11n only)
Weight 27.1 lbs

Epson is evidently attempting to conquer the artist category with as many options as possible and that brings us to the newer SureColor P400.

Hence, at 24.5″(W) x 31.4″(D) x 16.5″(H) inches while printing, the printer at hand is undeniably large and that entails some inconvenience in terms of design.

Nonetheless, Epson recovered in the aesthetics department via a matt black finish, smooth soft edges and a minimalistic profile that would fit perfectly with your room design.

The print quality of the P400 isn’t so different from the P800, which means it is capable of depicting impressively rich and diverse shades due to its phenomenal 8 color inks system.

Additionally, the P400 takes full command over an astounding 5760 x 1440 dot per inch resolution, which is more than enough detail for professional use.

Furthermore, with its wide-format feature, the printer at hand lets you print with 13″ x 19″ paper.

Under the functionality segment, the Epson SureColor P400 has plenty of tricks under its belt, which should facilitate your daily interaction with the machine.

For starters, it’s impressive to say the least that this printer is capable of producing 129” long panorama prints, which can be achieved via a dedicated roll paper handler.

Additionally, the model at hand is popular for its ability to create images with the longevity of up to 200 years.

Unfortunately, however, the P400 is just as slow as its predecessor, standing at a record low 9 prints per minute on standard sized canvas.

Finally, connectivity is definitely not a concern for the P400 since it supports wireless compatibility with all mobile devices, in addition to USB and Ethernet links.


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  • C

6. Epson SureColor P600

Epson SureColor P600 Inkjet Printer

Specifications of Epson SureColor P600
Dimensions(W.D.H) Printing: 24.2″ x 32″ x 16.7″
Storage: 24.2″ x 14.5″ x 9″
Max. Print Resolution 5760 x 1440 dpi
Max. Paper Size 13″ x 19″
Connectivity options Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (1 port)
100-Base-T Ethernet (1 port)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ (802.11n only)
Weight 33 lbs

If you’re aiming for midrange then you probably couldn’t do better than the SureColor P600, one of Epson’s most popular printers out there.

Now, like most printers in the SureColor lineup, the P600 isn’t exactly small, standing at 24.2″(W) x 14.5″(D) x 9″(H). However, to reduce the bulk effect of this printer, Epson opts for its iconic matt black color, smoothen the edges and an almost flat profile with little to no disturbance.

Internally, this machine is featured with vivid 8 color inks with 3 levels of black setup that should produce some of the richest life-like depictions.

Since color isn’t everything, the P600 comes fully equipped with Epson’s stunning 5760 x 1440 dpi resolution, which will help reproduce every little detail in your art exactly as it was meant to be.

Finally, to seal the deal, the SureColor P600 is blessed with an impressive ability to handle media as wide as 13 inches and as long as 129 inches.

In terms of features, the Epson SureColor P600 might just be the best fine art printer since it supports roll paper, CD/DVD as well as art boards.

Additionally, the P600 is one of the few Epson printers that comes with a 3.5” touchscreen LCD display, which can facilitate almost every interaction with the printer.

Finally, for bulk prints, this printer sets you up with a wholesome multipurpose input tray for all kinds of media with a 120 sheets max capacity.

At last, the P600 wasn’t going to limit itself when it came to connectivity. Hence, it was no surprise to learn that it features wireless compatibility with mobile devices, as well as the more traditional USB / Ethernet connections.


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What to Look for When Buying a Printer for Art Prints?

Buying a good printer for art prints is undeniably daunting, especially with all the options and recommendations you have in front of you. Hence, to make it even easier for you, we came up with a little checklist to help you make an informed buying decision.

  • Budget: before you lay your money down, you should decide on a budget that you’re not willing to go over and that includes the printer, ink, media and any additional cost.
  • Laser or inkjet: by now, you should know that laser printers are perfect for text, making them a premium choice for lawyers, teachers and small businesses. However, if you’re an artist then you simply cannot match the image reproduction of a solid inkjet printer.
  • Max Media Size: it’s important to make sure you’re getting the proper printer for your exact needs. Hence, if you primarily use A4 sheets, then it’d be senseless to spend more on a printer with larger media size compatibility and vice versa
  • Media type: not every printer can handle thicker media (Ex: cardstock, professional art canvas…). Hence, if you’re planning on using a specific kind of paper then you might want to clearly read the disclaimers on your designated printer before you click the purchase button.
  • Printing quality: print quality is obviously a big deal, especially for those of you who are planning on selling their art. Thus, make sure to inspect resolution (dpi), color ink system as well as your media quality in order to attain the best results.
  • Connectivity options: needless to say, connectivity is key yet that really depends on your work flow and what device you’ll be printing from. However, to be on the safe side, try to opt for a wireless printer if possible because you never know when you’ll need it.
  • Size & dimensions: Most high-grade printers for art and design are bigger than general printers. Thereby, they might take some extra space especially if they’re equipped with special media trays. That said, take the size and weight of the printer into account before clicking that buy button, as gigantic printers will prove extremely difficult to move, install and fit in with your room or office design.

Final Thoughts

Coming to the end of this article, we certainly hope that you found your best printer for making art prints or at least got enough information to make an informed buying decision.

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